Our Mission

Our Mission

The ChemTalk Mission

ChemTalk is a non-profit organization dedicated to science education and outreach, making chemistry fun and easy to learn for the entire planet. Everything we offer is free, ad-free and barrier-free. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core to our mission. We also promote materials science and the life sciences like biochemistry. We have a goal of making our website the #1 chemistry education portal in the world. 

What Problems are we solving?

  • According to our recent survey, 85% of students find chemistry boring, difficult, or worse. Not enough students are pursuing STEM careers, and STEM workplace needs are only increasing.
  • There is low diversity in the STEM field. Underserved and minority populations typically have less educational and laboratory resources, and they don’t have role models that look like them.
  • Many people suffer from chemophobia, have a distrust of science, don’t understand how chemistry relates to their life, or think chemistry cannot be done safely.

Make Chemistry More fun, Less Difficult

Many shy away from chemistry because it is often thought to be too hard or plain boring. We believe all aspects of chemistry should be fun and easy to learn, especially when coupled with stunning visuals, interesting experiments, and interactive media. We use these to not only teach chemistry but also to get people excited and develop a passion for chemistry.

Promote Chemistry in Modern Ways

We promote chemistry to kids, students, adults, and everyone in between. We do this through education, tutorials, infographics, photos, long and short-form videos, our podcast, a variety of social media, and highlighting exciting chemistry jobs and research. We cover general chemistry, organic chemistry, the periodic table & elements, and much more.

Role Models

We give people role models in chemistry by showcasing researchers, scientists, and professors who are doing amazing things in chemistry-related fields at this very moment! According to our recent survey, 98% of science majors do not have a role model in this field that is still alive.

Chemistry Together

ChemTalk is a collaborative effort involving students, teachers, industry professionals, and citizen scientists. Amazingly, most of our content is produced by high school and college students similarly driven in showcasing chemistry to the world. We hope that our own experiences as students can help relate to students of all levels. Together, we are dedicated to increasing accessibility of science and demonstrating our passion for chemistry to our peers. Meet our team members here.

How to Get Involved, Intern, Volunteer, or Donate

Contact us to find out how you can be a part of ChemTalk and make chemistry fun and accessible to the world. We are forming a global network of students, teachers, industry members, and chemistry enthusiasts to act as members, advisors, directors, and fact-checkers. Join us, and let’s talk chemistry!
Please follow these links to get involved, intern/volunteer or donate.