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complete heating curve, including heat of fusion

Heat of Fusion Explained

Core Concepts In this article, you will learn about heat of fusion, including its thermodynamics and its applications. After this...

acid base indicators

Acid and Base Indicators

Core Concepts about Indicators Acid and Base indicators are molecules which change color in different pH environments. They are incredibly...

the element palladium

The Pricey Element Palladium

Introduction to Palladium The element palladium is a shiny silvery-white metal. It closely resembles platinum and is used in catalytic...

The Spectacular Element Strontium

Introduction to Strontium Strontium is a silvery-yellow, soft metal element. It’s most commonly known for its uses in flares and...

Scandium element crystal

The Shiny Element Scandium

Introduction to Scandium Element Scandium is a soft, silver-colored rare earth element, found in group 3 of the periodic table....

The Magic Element Manganese

Introduction to Manganese The element manganese is a silvery-brittle metal that is often found in minerals. Manganese is most often...

Nitrogen Triiodide Synthesis

Overview Nitrogen Triiodide (NI3) is a brown-purple solid at room temperature that explodes when lightly perturbed. Nitrogen Triiodide is extremely...

briggs rauscher reaction

Briggs Rauscher Reaction

This is the Briggs Rauscher reaction, the coolest chemistry demonstration on the planet. This is an oscillating reaction, which means...

IR SPectroscopy

What is Infrared Spectroscopy

Core Concepts Infrared spectroscopy (IR spectroscopy) is a useful analytical technique for analyzing organic molecules. In this article, we will...

simple distillation apparatus

Lab Procedure: Simple Distillation

Core Concepts In this lab tutorial, we discuss simple distillation, including its distinction from fractional distillation, its underlying physical chemistry,...

Lab Safety Rules

Lab Safety Rules Introduction Lab safety rules are important to keep you and your lab mates safe. There are many...

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