On this page, you will find most of our resources sorted by chemistry curriculum topic. Teachers can reference this page to find activities, experiments, demonstrations, and more that they can use for their classroom! Topics and the resources within them are sorted by the order they are typically taught.

Organic Chemistry

Naming & Groups

Tutorial Articles
Naming Alkanes
Naming Cycloalkanes
Functional Groups



Structural Isomers
Enantiomers and Diastereomers
Cis-Trans Isomers

Drawing & Structures

Tutorial Articles
Resonance Structures
Newman Projections
Chair Conformations
What is Formal Charge

Introduction to Reactions

Tutorial Articles
Nucleophile- What is it?
Electrophile- What is it?
Carbocation Stability
Steric Hindrance


Tutorial Articles
Sn1 Reaction
Sn2 Reaction
E1 Reactions
E2 Reactions
Sn1 vs. Sn2 Reactions
E1 vs. E2 Reactions
Grignard Reagents
What is a Leaving Group?

Lab Procedures

Thin Layer Chromatography