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Cannizzaro Reaction

Core Concepts In this tutorial, you will learn about the Cannizzaro reaction, including its mechanism, applications, and examples. Topics Covered in Other Articles Cannizzaro Reaction

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What are Isomers?

Core Concepts In this article you will be able to understand everything about isomers, their types and their importance. After reading, you will know the

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Relative Configuration

Core Concepts In this tutorial, you will learn about, along with how to determine, the relative configuration of a molecule.   Topics Covered in Other

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Oxidation of Alcohols

Core Concepts The oxidation of alcohols is a useful set of reactions that makes ketones, aldehydes, and carboxylic acids. These reactions have important uses in

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Cycloaddition Reactions

Cycloaddition Core Concepts A cycloaddition is a type of reactions which combines different molecules or different parts of the same reaction to create a closed

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Absolute Configuration

Core Concepts-Absolute Configuration In this tutorial, you will learn about what absolute configuration is, along with how to determine the absolute configuration of a molecule.

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Markovnikov’s Rule

Core Concepts Markovnikov’s rule helps predict the product of nucleophilic addition to alkenes. The nucleophile adds to the carbon with the highest degree (primary, secondary,

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Michael Addition

Core Concepts Michael Addition is a useful reaction for adding a carbon-carbon bond between an alkene and an electron-depleted carbon. Topics Covered in Other Articles

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Racemic Mixtures

Core Concepts-Racemic Mixtures In this tutorial, you will learn about what makes a racemic mixture and how they are optically inactive. In addition, you will

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Amine Functional Group

The amine functional group is a nitrogen with a lone pair and three bonds. Learn about properties of amines, amine reactions, and amine group classification

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Hydroboration Oxidation

Core Concepts This article explores hydroboration oxidation, a useful reaction in synthetic organic chemistry to add a single alcohol to an alkene. Topics Covered in

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constitutional isomers

Constitutional Isomers

Core Concepts: Learn how to identify constitutional isomers as well as write them from a molecular formula using the Index of Hydrogen Deficiency (IHD). Topics

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Amide Functional Group

Core Concepts Amides are a common and useful organic functional group consisting of a carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen atom. In this article, the structure, atomic

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claisen condensation

Claisen Condensation

Core Concepts In this article, we learn about the Claisen Condensation, an important organic reaction, including its mechanism, its important variants, and its use in

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generic williamson ether synthesis

Williamson Ether Synthesis

Core Concepts In this organic chemistry tutorial, you will learn about Williamson Ether Synthesis, including its importance in organic chemistry, its chemical mechanism, and finally

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Epoxide Functional Group

Core Concepts In this organic chemistry tutorial, we learn about the epoxide functional group, including its definition, basic properties, naming conventions, and important reactions. Topics

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