Dr. Elizabeth Bess

Episode 15 Human Gut Microbiome

How many microbial cells do you think you have in your body? A million? A billion? Would you guess that you have as many microbial cells in your body as cells that make up your body (which is approximately 30 trillion)? We didn’t! On this week’s episode of the ChemTalk Podcast, hosts Roxanne Salkeld and Claris Chan interview Dr. Elizabeth Bess, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at UC Irvine. Dr. Elizabeth Bess’ research specializes in the human microbiome and the chemical reactions that bacteria perform. Dr. Bess explains how gut bacteria can affect more than just whether or not you digest your lunch, but perhaps even your mood and brain. We hope you enjoy! If you would like to know more about Dr. Elizabeth Bess you can check out her research, Twitter, or reach her by email at

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