Category: Lab Procedures & Equipment

Scientific Method

Core Concepts The scientific method is a set of steps that scientists may use to create and execute experiments to find answers to important scientific

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IR SPectroscopy

What is Infrared Spectroscopy

Core Concepts Infrared spectroscopy (IR spectroscopy) is a useful analytical technique for analyzing organic molecules. In this article, we will explore the science behind IR

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Lab Safety Rules

Lab Safety Rules Introduction Lab safety rules are important to keep you and your lab mates safe. There are many different rules out there, and

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What is Chromatography?

Core Concepts In this article, you will learn the how chromatography separates compounds. Furthermore, you will learn about several common chromatographic methods like gas, thin-layer

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how does NMR work

NMR Spectroscopy

Core Concepts In this tutorial, you will learn about NMR, or nuclear magnetic resonance. You will learn how NMR spectroscopy works and how chemists use

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chemistry lab safety equipment

Lab Safety Equipment & PPE

Basic Chemistry Personal Protective Equipment  Safety is always top priority when working with chemicals – so let’s discuss lab safety equipment. It is crucial to

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