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Please help us reach our goal of 5,000 students and adults taking the perception of chemistry survey, by sharing it with your students, friends, co-workers, teachers, and colleagues. We are almost 20% of the way there! LINK TO THE SURVEY

Early Glimpse of the Survey Results, as of Dec 2021

What do you think most people’s perception of Chemistry is?

  • 73.2% It’s difficult
  • 10.6% It’s boring
  • 9.4% It’s amazing
  • 5.3% It’s dangerous

What do you think would get people the most excited about chemistry?

  • 70.9% Seeing or doing fun / interesting experiments
  • 12.3% Learning more about current research being done in the field of chemistry
  • 9.6% Showing them amazing properties and the beauty of various elements
  • 6.2% Having someone well-known as a role model who is working in chemistry or a closely-related field

What is ChemTalk doing to make Chemistry more interesting?

  • We are creating the world’s first chemistry inspiration superportal, with articles on middle, high school, college, and organic chemistry, the elements, periodic table, interesting compounds, lab equipment & safety, career advice, and interviews with role models.
  • We are setting up the ChemTalk LiveLab, a dedicated professional lab space where amazing demonstrations, experiments, talks can be live-streamed to students and teachers around the world, and custom content created. Viewers will be able to chat, ask questions, and participate in real-time using Youtube Live, Facebook Live and Twitch. Learn about the LiveLab here.
The new lab bench for the ChemTalk LiveLab – coming in early 2022!

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Sample topics include amazing chemistry demonstrations and experiments, elements of the periodic table, explanations of various chemistry topics, guests presenters from California universities and industries, and demonstrations of the latest high-tech lab equipment.