The ChemTalk team is working hard to change the perception of chemistry, and make chemistry, materials & the life sciences fun, easy and accessible for the entire planet. Diversity, equity and inclusion are centerpieces for all of our programs. Here are our 7 top programs for 2021.

Our Vision of the ChemTalk Lab

We have a picture to paint for you. Imagine a new, pristine, beautiful lab space – think “the opposite of dingy”, with the finest compounds and scientific equipment. Where ChemTalk members, grad students, academics and industry professionals rotate in, rediscovering elements, forming new compounds, showing people the wonders of proteins and spectrometry, and doing research.

We show the most exciting and colorful experiments and demonstrations, all recorded and live streamed. There are interactive sessions that people around the world can participate in, without the privacy concerns that academic or industry labs have, or the scaling & safety issues of in-person sessions. Imagine how excited our youth will be to see real science and experimentation live that they can be a part of virtually.

Volunteer / Intern program

At ChemTalk, we are proud of our ability to recruit and attract qualified interns and volunteers, to maximize our value and garnish the large resources necessary to change the perception of chemistry.

Creating the World’s #1 Online Chemistry Portal

We are building the world’s #1 chemistry portal. There are fun and easy to understand tutorials and in-depth information on all of the elements. There are also experiments, sources of inspiration, role models, career information, researcher & professor interviews, history of chemistry, and featured chemistry-related hobbies.

When students and adults research chemistry on our portal, they will not only learn about their topic, but get exposed to current research, living role models in chemistry, interviews with professionals, and potential career paths. We make chemistry more interesting, relatable and relevant, including the related fields of biomaterials, biochemistry, material science & metals, and nanomaterials.

A New Paradigm: Explore Chemistry Class

We are creating alternatives (not replacements) to the traditional “weed out “chemistry classes at 3 levels – middle school, high school and university that are designed to be both fun and educational without turning people away from chemistry

Modern Social Media

We are utilizing Youtube, Instagram and TikTok to create the best chemistry social media program out there, to get people inspired and passionate about chemistry.

ChemTalk Experiments

We are creating a series of safe, exciting hands-on experiments in 3 categories: in the kitchen, in the home or middle school lab, and in the high school or college lab. Our research is consistently creating new ways to show the world the wonders of chemistry.

Safety in Chemistry Series

We are creating a series of tutorials, videos and infographics promoting safe practices in chemistry, including hazard avoidance, use of green chemistry, and proper disposal

Program Development

We are developing additional programs that will be effective in furthering our mission to make chemistry fun & easy to learn

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