The ChemTalk Mission

ChemTalk is a non-profit organization dedicated to science education and outreach, making chemistry fun and easy to learn for the entire planet. Everything we offer is free, ad-free and barrier-free. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core to our mission. We also promote material science & the life sciences. We have a goal of making our website the #1 chemistry education portal in the world by 2022, and we are more than halfway there.

What Problems are we solving?

  • 85% of students find chemistry boring, difficult, or worse; Not enough students are choosing to go into a STEM field, and STEM workplace needs are only increasing
  • There is low diversity in the STEM field; Underserved and minority populations typically have less educational and laboratory resources and don’t have role models that look like them
  • Many people suffer from chemophobia, have a distrust of science, don’t understand how chemistry relates to their life, or think chemistry cannot be done safely

Create the world’s premiere SciComm Lab

We are building the world’s first virtual SciComm lab, called the ChemTalk LiveLab. It is a professional lab space where science is live-streamed and millions of people can be reached real-time, interactively in homes and classrooms, through the latest technology and live-streaming platforms. We aim to revolutionize how people experience chemistry and science. Learn about the LiveLab here.

Make Chemistry more fun, less difficult

Many shy away from this amazing subject because it is often thought to be too hard or plain boring. Part of our mission is to change this negative mindset by showing how applicable chemistry is to everyday life and how non-complicated it is.

Promote Chemistry in Modern Ways

We promote chemistry to kids, students, adults, and everyone in between. We do this through education, tutorials, infographics, photos, long and short-form videos, our podcast, a variety of social media, and highlighting exciting chemistry jobs & research – to make chemistry enjoyable and gratifying.

Rethinking Chemistry Education

The majority of students in middle school, high school, and college surveyed have told us that their chemistry courses are too difficult, and labs are less interesting than they could be. Chemistry courses and labs have not changed or been reimagined for decades. At ChemTalk, we believe classes & labs can be augmented to instill a passion for chemistry and science.

Role Models

Last, but not least, we give people role models in chemistry by showcasing researchers, scientists, and professors who are doing amazing things in chemistry-related fields at this very moment! According to our recent survey, 98% of science majors do not have a role model in this field that is still alive.

Chemistry with a purpose

Contact us to find out how you can be a part of ChemTalk and make chemistry fun and accessible to the world. We are forming a global network of students, teachers, industry members, and chemistry enthusiasts to act as members, advisors, directors, and fact-checkers. Join us and let’s talk chem!

Our principles & goals

ChemTalk is a collaborative effort involving students, teachers, industry professionals, and citizen scientists.

We believe all aspects of chemistry should be fun and easy to learn, especially when coupled with stunning visuals, interesting experiments, and interactive media. We use these to not only teach chemistry but also to get people excited and develop a passion for chemistry.

We believe interactive chemistry can be safer than driving, and more engaging than video games. We work hard to dispel any negative connotations associated with the study or application of chemistry.

We believe studying chemistry can lead to a lifetime of learning and exploration.

We give people role models, showcase research, careers, people, and hobbies in chemistry. We also show people the rich history of chemistry.

Through our website and ChemTalk + ChemTalk education YouTube channels, Instagram, TikTok and other social media channels we will reach millions of world citizens, feeding their thirst for knowledge.

How to Get Involved, Intern, Volunteer or Donate

Please follow these links to get involved, intern / volunteer or donate. ChemTalk is STEM science education non-profit charity organization.

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