Cecilia Vollbrecht

Cecilia Vollbrecht is a writer at ChemTalk

Hi, my name is Cecilia Vollbrecht!

I am a senior writer and intern mentor with ChemTalk since November 2021. I am also a graduate student in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In my graduate work I develop techniques to study single-molecules at a time and investigate their properties. I also bring science to the public through my work the Wisconsin Initiative of Science Literacy.

I joined ChemTalk to help increase public access to science topics. I have been passionate about increasing public engagement with science since high school. In college, I founded the Girls in Engineering Math and Science Club that traveled to local schools each week with hands-on science activities for the students and gave local students role models. I love working at ChemTalk and helping provide the world with a free, comprehensive, and fun chemistry information!

Favorite Articles I’ve Contributed To: