Author: Tobias Ziemke

Coulomb’s Law

Core Concepts This tutorial will teach you about Coulomb’s law and its application in calculating the force between two electrically charged particles. Topics Covered in

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SI untis cover image

SI Units

Core Concepts Standard International (SI) Units are the basis for all physical measurements, and therefore have an incredible importance in science today. In this article,

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nicad battery


Core Concepts In this article, we explore the electrochemistry behind batteries. We examine common examples including primary batteries, zinc-copper batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, and

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sodium in aqueous solution

Aqueous Solutions

Core Concepts Aqueous solutions are one of the most important types of mixture inside and outside the lab. Check out this article to learn more

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acid strength

Factors in Acid Strength

Core Concepts Acid strength depends on a variety of chemical factors, including electronegativity, atomic radius, and resonance. Keep reading to learn all about the chemistry

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complete heating curve, including heat of fusion

Heat of Fusion Explained

Core Concepts In this article, you will learn about heat of fusion, including its thermodynamics and its applications. After this article, you will be able

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State vs Path Variables

Core Concepts In this article, we distinguish between State vs Path variables and functions, describing each type and explaining how to convert between them. Topics

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partial pressure

What is Partial Pressure?

Core Concepts In this article, we learn about partial pressure and it’s importance with respect to Dalton’s Law, the Ideal Gas Law, mole fractions, and

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crystallography goniometer

X-Ray Crystallography

Core Concepts In this article, we learn all about x-ray crystallography, including the physics of x-ray diffraction, the process of crystallization, the crystallography apparatus, and

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claisen condensation

Claisen Condensation

Core Concepts In this article, we learn about the Claisen Condensation, an important organic reaction, including its mechanism, its important variants, and its use in

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genetic code diagram

Genetic Code in Biology

Core Concepts In this article, we learn about how the Genetic Code translates DNA triplets into proteins and deals with DNA mutations. Topics Covered in

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integrated rate laws graph

Integrated Rate Laws

Core Concepts In this article, we learn about integrated rate laws, including their chemical meaning, mathematical derivation, and usefulness in studying chemical kinetics. Topics Covered

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xenon element lamp

The X-treme Element Xenon

Introduction to Xenon The element xenon is a colorless noble gas. Xenon is primarily known for its remarkable reactivity among noble gases and its characteristic

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watson-crick base pairs

Watson and Crick Base Pairs

Core Concepts In this biochemistry tutorial, we learn all about Watson and Crick base pairs, including their importance, structure, and chemistry, as well as some

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