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ChemTalk Receives $75K Grant

STEM education nonprofit ChemTalk receives grant from the Amgen Foundation ChemTalk will further expand its content and launch a free chemistry live-streaming service called the

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ChemTalk Press Release

STEM education nonprofit ChemTalk makes chemistry accessible to everyone ChemTalk reimagines chemistry education, launching the ChemTalk website, social media channels and a GoFundMe. THOUSAND OAKS

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briggs rauscher reaction

Briggs Rauscher Reaction

This is the Briggs Rauscher reaction, the coolest chemistry demonstration on the planet. This is an oscillating reaction, which means the reactants will form products,

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solubility rules & precipitates

Solubility Rules & Chart

Solubility is one of most interesting parts of chemistry. Watching a colorful precipitate form, or redissolve, can be very exciting. In this article, we look

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