Author: Cecilia Vollbrecht

steel, a common alloy

What is an alloy?

Concept Introduction – Alloys An alloy is a mixture of two or more metals. Many alloys exist that combine different metals and different ratios of

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Amine Functional Group

The amine functional group is a nitrogen with a lone pair and three bonds. Learn about properties of amines, amine reactions, and amine group classification

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Cecilia Vollbrecht

Hi, my name is Cecilia Vollbrecht! I am a senior writer and intern mentor with ChemTalk since November 2021. I am also a graduate student

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Beer-Lambert Law

The Beer-Lambert law says that the amount of light absorbed by a sample is directly related to the volume of sample the light passes through

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william henry of henry's law

Henry’s Law

Core Concepts To understand the dynamics of gases dissolved in liquid, chemists use Henry’s Law. When you open a can of soda, you hear an

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Lab Safety Rules

Lab Safety Rules Introduction Lab safety rules are important to keep you and your lab mates safe. There are many different rules out there, and

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combined gas law component parts

Combined Gas Law

Core Concepts The combined gas law defines the relationship between pressure, temperature, and volume. It is derived from three other names gas laws, including Charles’

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Amino Functional Group

The amino group is an important functional group for many biological systems. Below we discuss the structure of an amino group, some quick stats on

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Raoult’s Law Equation

Raoult’s law is used to determine the vapor pressure of ideal solutions with nonvolatile solutes based on the vapor pressure of the solvent and the

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Brownian motion of a particle

Brownian Motion

What is Brownian Motion? Brownian motion is the random movement of particles in a liquid or gas. This movement occurs even if no external forces

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Gay Lussac's Law equation

Gay Lussac’s Law

What is Gay Lussac’s Law? Gay-Lussac’s law is a gas law that states the pressure of a gas varies directly with temperature when mass and

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